My name is Federica and I'm 19 years old. I'm italian, I do not live in any super cool city in 
particular, but in a small town in the province of Vicenza (for foreigners: about an hour's drive from 
Venice). I want to point out a few things. This blog intends to speak of the classic things that blogs 
similar to mine talk about: fashionbeauty and so on, I love writing on my blog and I really hope 
that it could grow in the future and also give me back something good and satisfying. However, I 
think that everyone has in mind a quite accurate idea of ​​fashion bloggers: beautiful, wealthy, with 
perfect hair and makeup. Behold, I do not consider myself beautiful, I mean .. I'm a perfectly 
normal girl, I haven't got kilometric legs, or flawless skin, I'm also not even particularly rich
I can not afford to buy Chanel handbags, Miu Miu clothes or shoes by Alexander Wang, because
 basically I don't have a job that  can give me this possibility and I hate asking money my parents
 to buy clothes and accessories which worth thousands of euros. But let me say something else
 about it.  The fashion world is beautiful, the collections of top designers and also those of less 
famous designers but equally expensive are all amazing, I think everyone would be able to pay
 500 euro for a beautiful item and then combinate it with other 500, 1000, 300, 600 euro 
items and get just a good result as a true "fashionista". Of course, a true fashionista must also
 have the ability to match colors, prints and textures, as well as the items with the right accessories: 
the ability to create amazing outfits, but I'm convinced that it is even more worthy of attention 
and admiration those which (like me) get great results spending 10 euro for a blouse 
matching it with a necklace taken in the period of sale of the previous year. I consider 
myself a person who simply has a keen sense of style, which is able to surprise, to create outfits that
 attract the admiring gaze of the people, although often I have 200 euro in total on me. Isn't this the
 most important thing and worthy of being noticed? With this, I would like to warn you that if you 
expect to see the lists of "What I'm wearing" of my posts full of brands such as "Celine", "Prada", 
"acne", "Fendi", "Proenza Schouler" , you will be disappointed! Because the meaning of my blog is 
LOW COST and VINTAGE! And I think you will find it much more interesting and useful than many
 other fashion blogs

 I realized how to direct this blog (maybe even my life) in this period. I have to thank a book:
"Norwegian Wood" by Murakami Haruki.
I do not understand exactly how it has influenced me. I've simply understood.
The idea is to bring together what I have always been passionate about (art, philosophy, books, literature, music) with fashion which is another passion for me, which I can not free myself of haha. I do not know exactly how I will succeed. I think the thing will accrue during construction. The End.

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