giovedì 22 novembre 2012

Hello everyone! I'm back with a post about my new purchases! I'm not buying much at this time because I will spend the 8 and 9 December in Milan and I'm going to overdo with purchases there haha, moreover Christmas is coming and I will take advantage to buy a mountain of presents! By the way, soon I will create a post with various ideas about Christmas gifts ;)

Back to us .. I love my new purchases! Especially these studded heels, bought in one of the shops of the chain "Il laccio" that sells beautiful shoes! Then this black handbag, I wanted a black bag for evening, I looked it for a long time because I did not want to fall into the common studded purse, everybody have it, here in Italy! So I took this simple bag and I decided to apply studs on my own, so it is more personalized and no one will have it as mine! I bought this pink sweater from H & M, it's made of angora, and is very warm and soft, and then it has a great color! Then this simple watch from Swatch, I like it a lot! In the fourth pic there are my new jeans from H & M, as soon as I saw them, they hit me, they seem to be the pants of a alien spacesuit haha. Last but not least my new creepers! I wanted them for a long time, then I found them on sale on ASOS! 

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  1. So jealous, those studded heels are AMAZING!

  2. Amo entrambi i paia di scarpe :D
    Ottimi acquisti in generale!!

    New post on The Spotted Cherry Pie

  3. Ciao! Che bello il tuo blog! ti seguo! ricambia se ti va :) mi farebbe piacere!
    Bellissimi i pantaloni, le scarpe e la clutch! ottimi acquisti!
    se ti va passa dal mio blog, ci sta un giveaway :)
    Ti aspetto su “In The Middle Of Nowhere”. Love, Ines

  4. Those heels are absolutely amazing!!!

  5. I love your sweater! Your blog is amazing, following you via Bloglovin and GFC :)
    xoxo Polly

  6. Those jeans are great & I love the creepers

    Indie Punk Goddess