sabato 8 settembre 2012

Here you are my weekly selection of inspiring outfits and cheap pieces to imitate them! Outfits' pics are taken from my pinterest page ;)
I absolutely love the first one, it's quite different from my usual way of dress, I don't think I'd look good with those jeans haha, that particular shape is perfect for tall and thin girls I guess! Anyway I love the combination of that casual sweater and those leopard heels, so cool!

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  1. I bought jeans similar to those in the first set from a store called Pull & Bear :D

    ♥, TheMonroeAffair

    I'd LOVE a follow back love, mwuah :*

  2. I love your blog, I followed you yet. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Great post, and I love the looks you chose.
    My fav would be the last one. So chic and cool.

    You have a lovely blog, I followed gfc and bloglovin #77. Follow me back? :)


  4. I love all the items listed. They are so my style and something i would wear without a doubt.Lovely post.

    Followed you via gfc and bloglovin (ifb)

  5. Excellent article !!
    Good find :)
    New post - Kisses from Paris ♥

  6. All of these outfits look great, my favourite is the bottom one, but I love the casual coolness of the first one (: xoxo

  7. really like these outfits!! especially how you offered the alternative, affordable options to get the look... definitely going to follow you on pinterest now :)

    ardena rose

  8. love all of these items that you can use! i'm your newest follower on gfc! feel free to visit my blog and follow me too? :) i think you'll like my outfits.

  9. Wow your blog is amazing and very captivating!! I love the outfits you chose and those picks of clothes are great!!

    P.S. I'm following via GFC :) <3

  10. I prefer the last one.
    Im a new follower =)

  11. love this! I think we have very similar style. I am now following! please check out my blog and keep in touch! :)

  12. Wow! I love all those outfits and especially the purple platform heels and the vintage shorts you recommended! The purple color is so great for fall!!