venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Hello everyone, these days I thought that "rationalize" my blog would be a smart thing to do. By this I mean to organize new content more accurately, giving life to "rubrics". One of these will be "Details of the week" which is the one that has a place in this post. Keep up to date;)
If you have any advice about it, tell me;)

This week I have chosen some details caught during the last fashion week in Paris. I love shoes-sculpture of the first picture, the Prada bag in the third, the shirt in the sixth and the Miu Miu small handbag in the penultimate photo! But also all the others are really stylish, do not you think?
What's your favourite?

3 commenti:

  1. Love this selection of photos! Great choice:)

  2. These photos are absolutely amazing!!!!I love the shoes in the first picture and the bags in the 6th & 12th picture! Would you like to check my blog and maybe follow each other (only if you like it of course):

  3. in your blog are so cool photos of details) chic :)